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My child has a friend attending the camp. Can they be in the same group?

Yes, once you enroll your child through our website, there will be a questionnaire window that pops up. You will be able to list the names of the other children that you are requesting your child to be with.

I have multiple children at different ages. Can they be together?

If you have multiple children in different age groups and want them to be together, please give our office a call at 858.454.8273. We do our best to keep siblings in the same group that want to be together, but it can be challenging in the water if the kids are far apart in age.

*Please note* if your kids are in two different age groups, they will still be at the same location on the beach, just in different groups in the water.

I have multiple kids in different age groups, will they be surfing in the same location as each other?

 Yes, everyone attending the camp will check-in and surf in the same location. Each age groups will have their own instructors.

What is the surfing level of the other kids attending the camp?

Our camp caters to a lot of different skill levels. We have kids attending camp who are first time surfers and kids who surf with us regularly. Our instructors can accommodate all skill levels. If you would like to let us know something about your child’s skill level, there will be a questionnaire are you enroll your child where you can add in a comment.

Do I need to check-in at the shop before camp starts?

Shop check-in is no longer required. On Monday morning you can head straight to the beach camp check-in spot.

If we do not own a wetsuit, can we rent one?

We recommend purchasing your own wetsuit, if possible. Weeklong wetsuit rentals are available at our surf shop. If you need to rent a wetsuit, please stop by our surf shop the weekend before your camp starts. FYI all campers receive a 20% discount off wetsuits in the shop.

My child has never surfed before, do you suggest full day or half day camp?

If this is your child’s first time attending camp, we usually suggest doing a half-day. Full day camps can feel like a long day in the sun if your child is not used to it.

Does my child need to bring a snack or lunch?

Yes, we do not provide food for the campers. There will be breaks throughout the camp where a child has time to eat. If you are signed up for full day, there will be a break half way through where they can each their packed lunch.

If I need to pick my child up early, where can do that?

Please let your child’s camp director know at drop off that they need to be picked up early. They will arrange a time for early pickup.

WHat level of swimming does my child need to have to attend camp?

We do require that your child can swim the short length of the pool. If you are hesitant that you’re child might not be ready for surf camp. We can book them a private one on one session with an instructor

Is there anything I can do to prepare my child for surf camp?

The best way to prepare for surf camp is to take your kids into the ocean. Surfing, boogie boarding, or just playing in the wave will improve a child’s confidence at surf camp.

What is your camp cancelation policy?

You can cancel camp up to 1 week before the camp starts. Example: If camp starts on June 13th, you have until June 6th to cancel. You x

How soon do I need to register?

We recommend signing up ASAP. Surf camps in the summer will sell out. All summer camps are first come first serve. If your desired week of camp is at full capacity, you can be added to a waitlist through the website.

Will there be sunscreen provided at camp?

Our instructors can asits your children with putting on their sunscreen, but sunscreen will not be provided or shared. All campers are required to bring their own water proof sunscreen. Please arrive with your sunscreen labeled with your child’s name. Please talk with your child on the importance of wearing sunscreen. 

If my child misses a day of camp, Can he make it up on a different week?

No, we do not do makeups for missed camp days, unless a doctors note is provided.

If my child decides they do not want to finish camp, can I get a refund?

No. Unless it is due to a documented medical emergency, we cannot refund/credit for missed time.

If my child cannot attend the full week, do you offer pro-rated camps?

No. We do not offer pro-rated camps, but we do offer private lesson daily.

If my child is enrolled in full day and wants to switch to half day can I get a refund?

Any changes to your reservation must be made 1 week before the start of camp. We do not allow any changes once the week of camp has started.


Need further assistance?

If you have other questions regarding camp please give our office a call at 858.454.8273 or email us at


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